our beach at the lake


Our seaside resort "Das Parkbad" is the largest public natural bathing beach on the lake. Two hundred meters of beach and about 20,000 m² of lawn. Only about four hundred meters from the hotel ... The gentle pressure of the soft Millstätter See water gives you the feeling of being massaged by 1000 hands at the same time ... And not only that: the calamiferous water pampers your skin and leaves it velvety soft.    

  •  Boat rental
  • changing rooms
  • Beach buffet
  • sandy beach
  • Lawn,
  • footbridge
  • Sanitary facilities
  • table tennis
  • of course swimming in all facets   
  • "Sporting Blue" sailing and surfing school

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Touched by the Millstätter Lake

Get in touch with the water of Lake Millstatt. Swim together in the sunrise, feel the velvety soft lake water, dive through the rising fog and breathe in the clear air.

Gliding along the forest-covered south bank while rowing in a rowboat, ...

Take off your shoes, hike from stone to stone, feel the soft water on your feet, take a seat on the bench in Lake Millstatt, and enjoy the view of the Nockberge Mountains - meet friends in the beach bar, immerse your feet in the warm sand , served a cocktail, relaxed watching the waves.

Longing for the sunset, taking a seat on the island for 2, feeling the closeness of the other, enjoying, sheltered by the stars in the sky at Seeberührungen® around Lake Millstatt.