Pleasure biking at the Millstätter See

Our hotel is the perfect starting point for every bike tour. Easy family routes around Lake Millstätter See, more demanding bike tours into the Nockberge mountains up to the professional bike stage over the Nockalm Road or the Groß Glockner. The perfectly maintained Millstätter See cycle path leads directly past the hotel. A special feature is the lake cycle path around Lake Millstätter See: Combine a boat trip with a bike tour. So you can comfortably cover parts of the cycle path by boat. We offer you:

Culinary cycle tracks at Lake Millstätter See (48.5 cycle kilometres)

"When you drive through the country, you should find what you see in the woods, on meadows and in lakes in the cooking pots", says butcher Emanuel Stadler. He enjoys the landscape and in the saddle of an e-bike he goes to the culinary lodge seats at Lake Millstätter See. The Millstätter See cycle path leads you on 28 km once around the whole Millstätter See. Secluded bays, historic villas and lake terraces directly on the waterfront ... innumerable special features are on the Millstätter See cycle path. Experienced cyclists manage the distance in two hours - and miss everything that makes Lake Millstätter See special.

Drau cycle path (53 cycle kilometres)

You cycle from the hotel along the beautiful river Drau through Villach. Today's destination is the largest lake in Carinthia: Lake Wörthersee. This is where the famous film "Ein Schloss am Wörthersee", in which Roy Black played the leading role, was shot. Enjoy the wonderful view. Afterwards the bus will take you back to the hotel.