Walking along the path of love

Total path length: Schwaigerhütte - Lammersdorferhütte 8.5 km Duration: about 6 hours incl. breaks Elevation gain: 275

Arrival/parking: Schwaigerhütte (accessible via the Millstätter Almstraße) Course: After a good 30-minute hike you reach the Alexanderhütte (1,786 m) and the Wall of Love, the first place on the Weg der Liebe. Seven squares and seven books lead you to the Granattor (2,066 m) in a good 3 hours. At the Granattor you have the option of turning back or descending to the Lammersdorfer Alm/Lammersdorferhütte (1,640 m). Walking time about 1 hour.

Close to the Alexanderhütte, which is enthroned high above Lake Millstätter See, the alpine meadows spread out lavishly, on which countless fragrant flowers and healing herbs grow. Here you can take a look at the beauty of arnica, cabbage florets, alpine nagl or wild thyme.