The Mirnock World Mountain

High above the Millstätter See the world mountain Mirnock is enthroned - not a rugged giant, more a gentle giant, which holds many a secret inside. On safe paths it leads its visitors to the mystical places and magical places where the mountain reveals its power.

Energy lines cross the summit

The summit of the world mountain Mirnock lies at the intersection of two geomantic lines - the monastery line and the cult line. The monastery line is located exactly between the Großglockner and Hochobir, the cult line is between Monte Lussari and the Rosenau Castle near Zwettel.

Places of power

The places of power, such as the "tree sanctuary" - a seven-trunk spruce, in whose surroundings highly concentrated earth rays were measured - indicate the strong energy radiation. The fact that people knew about the powers of the Mirnock already in ancient times is indicated by the "Lochvisierstein Menhir", a rock that was probably deliberately set into the terrain and was possibly a Celtic cult site. This gives a direct view of the Mirnock. The last section up to the summit leads past the lake contact on the mountain and is lined by monoliths. Unexplainable and yet present: If you look closely, you will discover your personal garnet on the paths and climbs towards the summit.

By the way: The world mountain Mirnock is with a height of 2.110 meters the highest elevation of a mountain massif in Carinthia. It is part of the Nockberge mountains and lies between the lower Drau valley in the southwest and the opposite valley in the northeast. It is bordered by the village of Radenthein in the north, Lake Millstätter See in the west and the Krastal in the southeast. The ridge of the massif also carries three smaller elevations, the Rindernock (2,024 m), the Palnock (1,901 m) and the Amberger Alpe (1,831 m).