Mill trail

In 1976, the Kaningers Alfred Tronegger, Roswitha and Meinhard Pertl as well as Gotthard Schöllhammer had the fantastic idea to restore the six Flodermühlen at the Kaninger Rossbach, which had been left to decay. Through many voluntary work and with the support of the public authorities, they were restored, put into operation and thus made accessible to the public.


Once upon a time, more than twenty mills had rattled in the ditch to grind the grain of the mountain farmers, often a few kilometres away, and thus ensure the supply of the remote farms. Today there are still six, some of which are fully functional:

The Neuwirtmühle, Stinigmühle, Trattnigmühle, Ranermühle, Veidlmühle and Adammühle.


Along the Rossbach stream there are beautiful facilities to delight the eye and the heart: a mini mill, a bread bakery (bread baking courses requested every Wednesday in advance), barbecue areas, a witch's cottage, numerous hand-carved wooden figures, Kneipp basins, a woodcutter's camp and a rock shower, as well as energetic power places and the "Bärenwand" for climbing exercises.

Many children's playgrounds make the hearts of our young visitors beat faster, and there is no room for boredom. Furthermore, there are display boards about the mills and the stream, about the forest and the use of wood, about the animals in the forest and about rural crafts.