There are no cancellation fees if there are local or personal travel restrictions due to the coronavirus during your holiday. Valid until revoked.

If you waive the travel cancellation fee at the time of booking, the following cancellation fees apply to the booked arrangement:

  • Until 30 days before arrival: free of charge
  • Until 7 days before arrival: 50%.
  • Until 1 day before arrival: 70%.
  • On the day of arrival/ in case of early departure: 100

With travel cancellation protection: 0% - free of charge safe until the day of arrival Cancellations must be made in writing.

Cancellation costs can be covered by our cancellation fee of € 30,00 per person!

General Information

Effects in the event of epidemics

Some areas in and around the hotel and lido may be restricted by law. The details have not yet been finalised and may be subject to ongoing situation-related changes. We ask for your understanding and point out that such restrictions do not justify any warranty claims, especially not for price reduction or withdrawal from the contract.

Price adjustment

We reserve the right to adjust prices in the event of a significant increase in inflation. The calculation is based on the consumer price index 2015=100, whereby the starting point is the month of booking and the calculation is to be made using the index figure last published by Statistik Austria at the time of your stay, if the index increase then exceeds 5%.

Down payment

For your binding reservation we ask for a deposit of at least 30% of your total booking amount to our account at the VOLKSBANK Kärnten.

arrival and departure: Rooms available from 15.00 hrs. Please notify us if you arrive after 18.00 hrs. Rooms are vacated on the day of departure at 10.00 a.m. at the latest.

Means of payment: Cash, bank transfer, EC card / Maestro card, Apple Pay credit cards: VISA & EUROCARD/ MASTERCARD / American Express

Bank details:Volksbank Carinthia

IBAN: AT10 4213 0300 4033 0109 BIC : VBOE AT WW KLA

Booking conditions

All prices are per person and overnight stay. No price reduction can be granted for meals not consumed. For rooms for single occupancy - surcharge up to 50%.